In ways possible

In the middle of my year at VCA back in 2010, in my youth/self-doubt/feeling like a fraud-questioning my training, my practice and the lack of - and all the things that whirl about in your brains and body as a post-grad, I asked the wonderful Leisa Shelton, “is concept form?” She answered, “Do not give… Continue reading In ways possible



These last few days have been nothing short of interesting, complex, and profound. And I’ve only been in the Northern Territory for six days. I arrived in Uluru Sunday afternoon alone, and it was a surprising 28 degree Celsius. I felt the dryness of my skin and the sharpness of the sun on my face… Continue reading 过客

bruised and (not) battered; installation of ice and writing with waterproof ink. Illustration by Alex Hendry, with assistance from Eugene Chia, and video documentation by Jonathan Lewis. Group show as part of Celebrating Women curated by Pamela Ng, in partnership with AWARE; One East Asia, Singapore.

The Bridge as a Threshold

2 days in, and already I feel like I’ve been in Brisbane for a while now. In fact, there’s a familiarity to this city, as if I’ve lived here before. But I’ve only actually been here once, for three weeks. I am staying at a friend’s place in West End. And so, commuting to the… Continue reading The Bridge as a Threshold

Dan Koop: Interview with Deakin’s Arts Participation Incubator

artsparticipationincubator: image by Sarah Walker Dan Koop Artist ( Producer, ENCOUNTER(S) presented by Theatre Works, St Kilda ( 1.What started your interest in arts participation? I am an Artist,… Dan Koop: Interview with Deakin's Arts Participation Incubator