I'm writing this from Bendigo. One week since Dan and I pitched Salt Water Bay in person. Three since the submission of all the paperwork, and my housewarming heartwarming party. Two months and a week since I've been in this home. Four months and a week since the marriage ended. The "and a week" makes… Continue reading Exhale


Fortune favours the brave

Today is Mid-Autumn festival in the Lunar calendar - eight Mid-Autum Festivals ago, Ben made the big move with lanterns and mooncakes, and as the story went, I stayed the night and never left. Romance, surprise, and good food - he got me good. I also made it through the 21st of September. It was… Continue reading Fortune favours the brave


Three months. And I have nothing eloquent to say except to keep charting time. I’ve mostly been working 7-day weeks - Salt Water Bay, TNA, planning my solo projects (of which there are a few on the boil), freelance work, life admin, and being on top of my little home. I’ve done well to make… Continue reading 拿得起放得下

In ways possible

In the middle of my year at VCA back in 2010, in my youth/self-doubt/feeling like a fraud-questioning my training, my practice and the lack of - and all the things that whirl about in your brains and body as a post-grad, I asked the wonderful Leisa Shelton, “is concept form?” She answered, “Do not give… Continue reading In ways possible