2018 Future Leaders Cohort

With much to consolidate and reflect on, and good gigs this second half the year, the last quarter of 2017 brings good news. I will be joining these wonderful people in the 2018 Future Leaders Program. Very excited to take The Artist as Driver and all the surrounding questions and thoughts on this arts sector… Continue reading 2018 Future Leaders Cohort


2017 / half time

So far so good. I am sitting in the lounge room of a cottage in Geelong, where I’ve taken myself on a self-directed retreat/writing weekend. I hear the hum of the heater, and wind outside the house. Yes, it is one of those mega windy Victorian days. On my instagram account, this year has been… Continue reading 2017 / half time

Audio Stage: Responsibility in cultural leadership

Such an important conversation.


It was a great honour to be a guest alongside Angharad Wynne-Jones for the Audio Stage podcast by Jana Perković and Fleur Kilpatrick with Kieran Ruffles.

Our discussion spanned the creative, professional and civic aspects of cultural leadership with a focus on responsibility and what this means to us both. Our discussion was deeply honest, critical, and – on listening back – expansive and ambitious for what we each hope to make possible across all our working contexts.

http://audiostage.guerrillasemiotics.com/?p=268 (1:01:12)

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