I'm writing this from Bendigo. One week since Dan and I pitched Salt Water Bay in person. Three since the submission of all the paperwork, and my housewarming heartwarming party. Two months and a week since I've been in this home. Four months and a week since the marriage ended. The "and a week" makes… Continue reading Exhale


Fortune favours the brave

Today is Mid-Autumn festival in the Lunar calendar - eight Mid-Autum Festivals ago, Ben made the big move with lanterns and mooncakes, and as the story went, I stayed the night and never left. Romance, surprise, and good food - he got me good. I also made it through the 21st of September. It was… Continue reading Fortune favours the brave


Three months. And I have nothing eloquent to say except to keep charting time. I’ve mostly been working 7-day weeks - Salt Water Bay, TNA, planning my solo projects (of which there are a few on the boil), freelance work, life admin, and being on top of my little home. I’ve done well to make… Continue reading 拿得起放得下