2018 Future Leaders Cohort

With much to consolidate and reflect on, and good gigs this second half the year, the last quarter of 2017 brings good news. I will be joining these wonderful people in the 2018 Future Leaders Program. Very excited to take The Artist as Driver and all the surrounding questions and thoughts on this arts sector… Continue reading 2018 Future Leaders Cohort



These are a few things I am working on/researching/investigating/pursuing/practising this year: The Artist as Driver / conversations with independent artists on culture and the arts in Australia. The Artist as Driver / mentoring with Nicole Beyer and Theatre Network Australia. Lunch-bar-art-space. Housing security for Ben and I/artists. 来,吃饭(Come, eat) II in the City of Darebin… Continue reading 2017

notes from artists dinners #1

In November, I hosted three dinner conversations with independent artists as part of The Artist as Driver, my research into leadership, governance, and advocacy as an independent artist. This early series, in very timely fashion, also bookmarked Arts Front 2030. The plan is to host more dinner conversations in the new year. Sign up here… Continue reading notes from artists dinners #1