Facts do not a story tell

It has been an hour since dinner. Two nights since I was last on a plane from Darwin - where I had been only just wearing a sundress. A week since I stopped trying to text Ben. A fortnight since Singapore. Five weeks since I last saw his face. Six since he decided to end… Continue reading Facts do not a story tell


May my practice be true

"I want to see you make a work out of your practice, and a practice out of your work." Wisdom passed down from mentor to friend. And I ponder this on a balmy Darwin night. It has been exactly a month since Ben decided to end our relationship. And I have found that it is… Continue reading May my practice be true

New/old collaborations | DK&JL

Dan Koop and I are working together again! We have begun delving into a weekly practice to create new work - and we’ve already had some wins. FLUX-KIT-MEL has been launched as part of National Gallery of Victoria MEL&NYC program. This collaboration is underpinned by our relationship since The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge,… Continue reading New/old collaborations | DK&JL

Reflections from Future Leaders Residential 1

Trying to keep up the practice of reflective writing is an endless repetition of writing about how you’re going to try to keep writing. Alas, here we go. Try again. I’ve just returned from the first residential of the Australia Council Future Leaders Program. There were 26 of us in this year’s cohort. Of the… Continue reading Reflections from Future Leaders Residential 1


These are a few things I am working on/researching/investigating/pursuing/practising this year: The Artist as Driver / conversations with independent artists on culture and the arts in Australia. The Artist as Driver / mentoring with Nicole Beyer and Theatre Network Australia. Lunch-bar-art-space. Housing security for Ben and I/artists. 来,吃饭(Come, eat) II in the City of Darebin… Continue reading 2017