What’s on Jan – Jun: the newsletter I don’t have

In lieu of the newsletter I don’t have, here is a list of things I’ll be up to, and places I’ll be work-wise. It is a very exciting year ahead. And some of these are public, and some of these are for you to come play too! So stay tuned for details. And please share in the wins with me, because god knows we need that sometimes.

I share this list also knowing full well that this is no guarantee of future work; that every year can fluctuate and there is no certainty in this life of an artist. (Remember how 2019 was predominantly admin and producing land?)

I take none of this for granted. But I also see how little room there is to breathe. And so my friends – in working a little more this year – please nudge me when I’m moving a little too fast this year. Please nudge me to take any down time I can get. Please nudge me towards quiet, gentle slow time.

And mostly, please nudge me towards your friendship, love and family. I will need it.


Festival of Sails | 25 – 27 January (Geelong)

Over the past year and a half, Dan and I have had the absolute pleasure to hang with the legendary Natalie Davey, and be in dialogue with her and her work through Saltwater Projects and the S.V. Pelican 1. We will be joining her at her booth over the Invasion Day weekend having a bit of a play, and will definitely be squeezing in a swim at Eastern Beach.


There’s No Place I’d Rather Be as part of Metro Arts, With Love | 1 & 4 February (Brisbane)

I’ll be joining the Metro Arts and Brisbane family to farewell The Old Broad. The 2011 FreeRange residency was the first professional engagement post-VCA, and that one opportunity eventuated in a long-term relationship with this organisation and this city. It was also where I met Dan (as provocateur of the residency), which led to us collaborating on The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge. Need I say more? Special shout out to the beautiful Kieran Swann for taking me along to Metro Arts.

Market Record at the South Melbourne Market – Development | 5 – 16 February (Melbourne)

Dan and I will be eating our way through South Melbourne Market, meeting people and gathering stories for a new work. If you have a relationship to this treasure of a place, come and hang with us!

What is Chinese? as part of AsiaTOPA at Arts House | 20 – 29 February (Melbourne)
Postponed due to the COVID19 virus travel ban.

I met Xiao Ke and Zi Han last year when they were in research and development phase for the Melbourne iteration of this work. And for three days, I’ll be living with them and five other local artists in the Arts House building, talking all things being Chinese.


MMeets AsiaTOPA Takeover – Lunchtime conversation | 6 March (Melbourne)

AsiaTOPA Public Program Curator, Sadiah Boonstra has packaged together a great companion to the festival, as we unravel the ‘Asian-Australian’ narrative.

Water Over Land as part of Hobsons Bay City Council Creative City – Development, week 1 | 7 March

Details to be announced. Dan and I have three weeks of development to do some research and development on ideas we have been working on since the epic Salt Water Bay journey. We will be sharing ideas and experiences at the end of each week. Come and play!

Sacred Grooves for Secular Spaces with Nithya Nagarajan and collaborators 14 March (Melbourne)

Nithya calls me ‘High Priestess’ and have you seen the list of artists working on this? Shall we just call this the highlight gig of the year already? Prayer and ritual, a multi-faith space – I cannot wait to be dwelling and delving into this space of spirituality in my practice.

The Little Old Cooking Club That Could – Development | 15 – 31 March (Singapore)
Postponed due to the COVID19 virus travel ban.

Details to be announced. But I’m bringing my work back for the first time. I’ll update with more information in time, but I’m looking forward to (re)connecting with my peers and artists and their practices; and to spend extended time with the family in a slightly more everyday way. Also, big thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts, and to Drama Box for making this happen!


TNA Safe Theatres workshops in Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales | Dates TBC

Details to be announced. At the end of 2019, I was given the opportunity to lead TNA’s Safe Theatres work moving forward, and already the conversations and collaborations to come thrill me.

Water Over Land as part of Hobsons Bay City Council Creative City – Development, week 2 | 18 April

Week 2. Details to be announced.

Market Record at the South Melbourne Market | 20 – 26 April (Melbourne)

We should be sharing some outcomes of this new work then. Details to be announced.


Water Over Land as part of Hobsons Bay City Council Creative City – Development, week 3 | 23 May (Melbourne)

Week 3. Details to be announced.


The Little Old Cooking Club That Could – Development | 30 May – 20 June (Singapore)

Details to be announced.

Image by of Jamie in Soft Infrastructure by Connie Anthes and Julia Bavyka.

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