New/old collaborations | DK&JL

Dan Koop and I are working together again! We have begun delving into a weekly practice to create new work – and we’ve already had some wins. FLUX-KIT-MEL has been launched as part of National Gallery of Victoria MEL&NYC program.

This collaboration is underpinned by our relationship since The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge, on our interests in site-sympathetic participatory experiences, and a culmination of both our solo practices and work experiences – to dig into our shared practice to make and curate work, and have fun excavating and expanding on ideas.

This weekly practice involves site visits to spaces we are interested in, cups of coffee and tea with people we want to be in conversation with, and a helluva administration and applications. But I like to believe the time since we last worked together – that we are now (more) mature and measured – and value working in equal part fruitful and efficient. We dig deep into our ideas and our processes, but are decisive and savvy with the administration – and co-drive, picking each other up and sharing the load.

The ideas and the process have been thoroughly exciting so far. And there are applications on their way, and hopefully more good news to share in time to come.



And thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia & the Australian Cultural Fund Boost program for giving us a leg up to keep this viable – if we raise $2000, we get a $2000 boost. Donation link is here for those interested – this is tax-deductible for Australian residents 🙂 


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