Can I get a bit of cred here?

Today, I want to specifically give a shout-out to what we call Independent artists, and the organisations and personnel that work daily to support and facilitate them.

Namely Metro Arts, and Theatre Works, and the wonderful people in their teams.

For sharing in the risk by investing in work before others would, and in doing so, enables us to continue working.

I also want to claim the value behind our efforts, as independent artists, to forge those relationships and broker those deals, because we do actually make work that is worthy of their support; and are capable of commitment and rigour, to work towards a valuable return on their investment, as well as ours (financial and otherwise). We have equal part to play in establishing and maintaining these relationships through the years.

So please, do not discredit the energy and effort that goes into putting a work together. Please, do not undermine my value as an artist.

(not quite a #illshowyoumine post in it’s details, but an aspect of and artist’s business that doesn’t get acknowledged enough.)

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