changing gears

Things have been quiet on the site – but it certainly hasn’t been quiet off site.

Over February and March, I hosted 2 of the 3 Taiwanese dance artists at my home. They were here in Melbourne as part of eXchange 2015 – a residency between 3 Taiwanese dance artists, and 3 Melbourne-based Australian dance artists, facilitated by Leisa Shelton. The Melbourne iteration of the residency coincided as part of Dance Massive 2015, and in August the participants will meet again in Taiwan and present work as part of the 2015 Taipei Arts Festival. I made new friends, spoke a lot of Mandarin, and was privileged to witness the growth of some incredible artists.

I also made an impromptu trip back to Singapore, and that was comforting, refreshing and nourishing, especially knowing the busy-ness that was ahead! Nothing beats being pampered by the folks and family, and to share good food with the beautiful people who continue to shape who I am becoming. In the trip, I was also able to make a big step forward with Saltwater – and that was to speak to my mom directly about the work; and give her a copy of the draft so far so that she was clear on the stories that I was going to tell.

And then there was moving house! Here is the view from the home office, and I am loving it. The house is airy, bright, and as I settle back into a work routine – I am feeling a steadiness. I think I am going to do some good work here.

view from the office

So it is all go from here. I spent this morning with dramaturgical consultant and buddy, Martyn Coutts looking over Saltwater. It’s back in the writing game, while I try not to be swarmed by the administration that comes with pre-production. I am exactly ELEVEN weeks out to the Melbourne season. Preparation now also includes a weekly yoga class to (re)discipline myself and anchor a (hopefully) daily practice, getting back on the blogging bandwagon to continue the critical reflection through this process, and eating well. Staying healthy, really.

So watch this space.

ps. I put myself out there and made contact with a yoga school in the new hood, and offered to exchange skills in social media strategising/management to work our a financial hardship deal with them, explaining that I was a performance maker who works freelance to accommodate my practice and so do not have a stable income. The owner called me the next day and said she was keen to talk – had gone on my website, read my artistic statement and thought it aligned with her as a yoga practitioner! She booked me in immediately! Whee!

pps. I have also just started driving lessons on a manual car; literally, changing gears I am.

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