entering somewhere else

the words swirl around in my head: curator, facilitator, artistic director, dramaturg, midwife.

the questions repeat themselves:

“It may be what is perhaps most clearly seen in its use as a noun: the word “contemporary” implies a relation; one is a contemporary of another. The word “contemporary” is traceable to the Medieval Latin word, “contemporarius,” whose constituent parts “con” (“with”) and “temporarius” (“of time”) similarly point towards a relational meaning: “with/in time.” What is suggested here then, and what Baudelaire’s “modern” seems to disregard, is a plurality of temporalities across space, a plurality of experiences and pathways through modernity that continues to this day, and on a truly global scale.” – Hans Ulrich Obrist

This is what I mean, this is what I am talking about!

It is about a sensitivity!

A sensitivity to this “with/in time” – in all its facets, and angles, and approaches. It is spatiotemporal. It is current. It is here and now. In content, in process, and in presentation. To be acutely sensitive, and curious, of this currency – investigate it fully, excavate all possibilities – and present it with the fullest potential of its possibility to be current, in that plurality!

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