#bundanon with @thesbsb: day one

it was the first work day for us who arrived at bundanon for week 2 of this creative development. and it was good.

we were presented with sketches of where the guys were up to. and it was good.

we had our thoughts and feedback. we had our questions. and everything was open for discussion. and it was good.

it’s 11:11pm as i type this exact line, and amazed as i am at this moment of cosmic timeliness, i am also quite exhausted, in a most fulfilling way. today has indeed, been a good day. there is an an ease in the way we work together. one found, quite entirely naturally, and immediately. there is a shared curiosity and excitement towards this project. there is a quietly understood respect for our individual work. and there is a genuine interest in each person. this is a working relationship most desired isn’t it?

my guess is, because there aren’t really rules here.

or rather, the rules are not conventional, and definitely not familiar. more so, it’s that the rules can, and will change.

at the end of today, i find myself leaning towards the stream, extremely curious about the yarra, and rivers in general. in singapore, what used to be rivers are now concrete structures that are really for the purpose of drainage. many rivers have been “re-configured” in the process of urbanisation, going underground, and becoming invisible, and almost “non-existent.” and yet, for some of these places, there is a flow of energy where water run, i am almost adamant of this. and so roads are built in congruence with that flow, giving direction to the way we travel. or not?

what is the purpose of a river in an urbanised city, i ask again.

i suspect i will need more reading to help the mulling of this question. and that is good.

and that, for now, is a good night now.

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