“small things
things you don’t always notice,
not always at least.
kinder surprises
in little nooks and crannies;
shrines, odes to our dwelling in the city –
pay homage to the earth we don’t see;
the dirt we walk into our homes.”

Paper Pinwheel Project is a performance installation that will culminate into an exhibition and social collective performance series at Port Tumasik between the 5th and the 26th of January 2011.* It begins at local indie arts festival, Seed Fest 2011 in November at The Arts House where Jamie will be making 289 pinwheels and then installing them at specific public sites that she decides are particularly memorable for her which will be documented and reinterpreted for the later exhibition.

Recent dialogue in preservation and heritage has dug up sites such as the Old National Library, Bukit Brown Cemetery, Old School…but where are the spaces that we really (want to) remember? It is in the places where we spend most of our time in that we are most attached to, where our memories are most livid and yet, places we tend to forget to remember–void decks, sidewalks, underpasses, desire paths, bus stops, heartland courtyards…Paper Pinwheel Project wants to remember, place.

Paper Pinwheel Project remembers the city in which we reside in and the spaces in which we are most likely to overlook. Forget historical landmarks or heritage listed sites, Paper Pinwheel Project asks that we pay tribute to the specific places we as individuals feel the most attached to.

The craft in making the pinwheels is mostly a vehicle. Underneath the shared physical activity is Jamie’s performance practice of conversations, intimacy and exchange. Facilitating the interaction with conversation, Jamie invites the exchange of personal stories, weaving shared and personal history into this exploration of memory and identity with a cityscape that is constantly evolving.

*Port Tumasik phase of the project did not happen due to various reasons. Logistically and financially, but also having begun on the first phase of “planting,” and having Benedict respond by visiting the sites and capturing the installations on stills – these have opened up many thoughts and reflections, and more so, a desire to think deeper into the continuity of these project. Perhaps more so, the directions in which it continues, and the necessity to factor in and incorporate greater the concepts of Time, Story and Journey, of which are actually very important aspects of this whole idea. Incubation is needed.

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