so some things changed and didn’t quite work out as imagined.

my portfolio this year seems to have shrunk when i didn’t make it to Crack and Punctum, but in just the last 2 weeks, i have met some very interesting folks at Port Tumasik, and have quite seamlessly found myself involved in. a little more than that actually, i do feel like i am a part of them now. a Port, using the image of what Singapore is also built upon, it is a place where artists make stopovers. they use these stops to rest, refuel, and most importantly, trade; exchange. their current exhibition Casa Nostra, provides exactly that space to do just that. In the last 2 weeks, i have met extremely interesting people, artists of many sorts, and i have had amazing conversations that vary widely in subject matter, but conversations that have stimulated and invigorated. and soon, i will leave for melbourne, refreshed and motivated.

watch this space.

i am beginning work on a paper for Port’s journal, an installation work that might find its continuity with the community through the wonderful Francis Poon and the Port team, and even a performance installation at The Arts House for another indie set up at Seed Festival. there will be updates.

all these learning has begun, all these while Transparency Collective semi-made it to Crack, completed Punctum’s Seedpod residency just yesterday. and i am negotiating this balance of energy between my excitement to create the next few works here, and the anticipation of sharing and dreaming with these guys in melbourne again.

so while the humidity and heat and the distance from my husband makes me terribly irritable and melancholic at times as i mope of about being back down-under, i reckon having 2 homes is beautiful in that tension of desire and movement, immobility and restlessness. i like.

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