Backgammon is not a very fast game.

It is slow and meditative. It sometimes can be boring.

And sometimes, you feel like you are going to lose anyway.

Sometimes, you already know you’ve lost the game, but you have to finish it anyway.

But even when you think your cards are played right and you’ve got all your chips at the end, you are never sure of winning because the other person may just get really lucky with their dice.


I’ve been stuck for a while. That is the sentiment I want to share and perhaps, I should stop thinking about the writing, and instead step back and let the game speak for itself.

And so for this Friday at EL TARRO, I am setting myself a few parameters:


1.     Steer as little as possible.

2.     Just play the game.

3.     Keep duration to how long each game lasts.


Perhaps I might find responses and conversations and interactions that I am actually looking for.


I find myself thinking about the making too much, and forgetting about the investigating.

Rewind. Now.

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