meandering thoughts/dots

I have a tendency to share my ideas very early on. I do it for a few reasons though.

  1. There might be others who share some of these ideas and thoughts and want in with me, or have experiences and stories that can feed my progress with it.
  2. Articulating the ideas is a way for me to process.
  3. It gives me a sense of accountability to move forward.

But it can also give me a false sense of tangibility – like it’s already happened; and sometimes, these ideas slip by with time.

It is good to remember though, that these ideas never really leave you. They incubate at the back of your mind, and while you meander through life and work, other thoughts and ideas, those early ideas are shifting – sometimes expanding, sometimes distilling. And as more ideas, more work, more meandering happens, dots are joined.

I am in one of those spaces now, though I find it quite hard to write about – the ideas, the dots, the lines – the meandering.

Here are but some of the things I can write – or rather, list.

  1. Frontyard – the Melbourne version.
  2. What can post-capitalism look like?
  3. Dinners. Dinners with fancy wine. Dinners with refugees. Dinners with homeless people.
  4. Advocacy for the arts that is relevant to the shifting practice of our time, and beyond.
  5. Changing the lens in which we view our arts practices.
  6. How would I/you like to live? (as opposed to make a living)
  7. How do women gather?
  8. That I still need to earn an income.

I opened up my home for cups of tea and chats. And I plan to host a couple more. If anything from the list triggered any bit of response from you, get in touch.

I’d love to have a cuppa with you.






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