Natures Rhythms : Solar Powered Workshop

Through the overlaying and superimposition of various elements, a surprising number of unique and unexpected events can occur. This form of Amorphous Computation, where multiple, unstable, randomly placed but identically designed “cells” react to their environment (and the data/map is logged), is important if we are to understand and coexist within it.

Apoptosis within the system is an advantage. The new insight, knowledge and feedback gained from this construct will greater prepare the practitioner for future interactions. 

Participants connected simple electronic parts together to form a basic solar engine circuit. Using found materials and objects at hand they experimented with the sonic possibilities of their environment. Artists were tasked to observe, remember or imagine patterns/rhythms that could be reinterpreted it into a composition using the solar robots they had made. eg. Rock formations, Woodworm paths in tree-trunks, Animal migration, Weather…

By producing an irregular ecology of collective behavior it was hoped distribution through feed forward networks would exact patterns participants were unable to build in isolation. The binary and egocentric stance of outcome led practice contrasted heavily in this instance.

Silence, Inspiration, Azimuth.

Many were able to extract quite complex nuances from these instruments. Depending on the intensity of light hitting the solar panels the motor action can be controlled, the sunlight was obstructed using the body, clothing or leaf matter for example.

Platypus Point, Ganguddy, 11am October 27th 2014

(-32.834915, 150.201402)

Nathan’s workshop at ganguddy

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