The old, the new, & everything in between.

A one-year stint as Audience Development Manager at Metro Arts has now officially ended. In 2013, I’ve project-managed the launch of a new website for the organisation, and have learnt a great deal of the workings of such a complex establishment that is the Old Broad. More so, I’ve come away with a better-balanced perspective of the ecology as a whole. The learning doesn’t end here, but last year’s growth was certainly exponential, and I am ready to move forward.

Metro Arts has and will always be close to my heart. In the short time that I’ve practiced here in Australia, Metro Arts has been a key organisation in recognising and supporting my work, and I am proud to say that I am once again, a part of their 2014 January-June performance program with Saltwater, a new performance piece that I am working on.

Collaborating with new-found friend and partner, Hsia-Ling Woo, experienced Stage Manager and emerging Producer, we’re hoping to develop this work across Singapore and Australia. Saltwater also sees me returning into the theatre! Cross your fingers with me as I will also be applying for Australia Council for the Arts grants for the first time since getting my permanent residency. I will most definitely be writing about the process of making Saltwater, so stay tuned.

Back in Brisbane this month to showcase The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge at APAM 2014, here’s to hoping we secure a few more opportunities to tour this beautiful work. The folk in Launceston loved it when we presented it at Junction Arts Festival last year. I cannot say this enough: this work has got legs. It needs to be seen. No, experienced.

I will also be devoting more energy to the completion of City Shrines: Paper Pinwheel Project, as well as working towards further opportunities with this project. If you’ve chatted with me before, you’ll know that City Shrines is an umbrella that I am looking for collaborators for. So if you’re curious, interested, and have ideas, talk to me!

Watch this space though. I’m focusing on these three main projects, but I’ve been having the itch to write for a long time, and I am definitely not planning to procrastinate on that any longer: Critical writing on my projects and their process, performances that I have gone to, and the works of peers (with their approval of course).

And as with the perpetual no-plan-plan, I am open to ideas, conversations and possibilities. Here’s to a very exciting 2014!

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