What else is possible? What is my worth as an artist?

At the “Independence” Within an “Industry" session at #ATF2015, I raised the point of currency. I wondered about how we could redefine currency in the way we work. I get it though: we do need to pay our rent and bills - of which exist in an economic world that we cannot avoid. And I… Continue reading What else is possible? What is my worth as an artist?

The Bridge as a Threshold

2 days in, and already I feel like I’ve been in Brisbane for a while now. In fact, there’s a familiarity to this city, as if I’ve lived here before. But I’ve only actually been here once, for three weeks. I am staying at a friend’s place in West End. And so, commuting to the… Continue reading The Bridge as a Threshold

Dan Koop: Interview with Deakin’s Arts Participation Incubator

artsparticipationincubator: image by Sarah Walker Dan Koop Artist (www.dankoop.net) Producer, ENCOUNTER(S) presented by Theatre Works, St Kilda (www.encounters.org.au) 1.What started your interest in arts participation? I am an Artist,… Dan Koop: Interview with Deakin's Arts Participation Incubator

a blog post i couldn’t really write

a little more than a week has passed since i arrived in singapore for the singapore<>brisbane exchange. at the end of the first week, i found myself feeling angry, irritable, and frustrated. i knew i was getting swept back in to this city, and its quirks - the quirks that have had its effects so… Continue reading a blog post i couldn’t really write

SingaporeBrisbane Exchange

Not long now. On Sunday, I arrive in Singapore. This time, as a visiting artist on a project. It’s a big step, I must admit. That I got selected through !Metro Arts in Brisbane. That since Melbourne in 2010, my practice has formulated and changed, and is something that never quite existed in Singapore for me… Continue reading SingaporeBrisbane Exchange

[yet-to-be-named] gathers weekly, gives out tasks to be performed, in the aim of investigating process and methodology, as they explore the making of new performance works. today, the third installment. tasks: 1. Find the quietest spot in the vicinity2. Find a very special thing, and in your best way, share/explain/describe that3. Postcard (as attached), with… Continue reading

dare you dream?

research for the upcoming Singapore/Brisbane project sent me into a youtube hole of national day songs. very timely seeing that tomorrow is national day. but here’s a gem: in light of all the recent and current sentiments, i do have one thing to say. as a migrant in australia, there are equal reasons for wanting… Continue reading dare you dream?

entering somewhere else

the words swirl around in my head: curator, facilitator, artistic director, dramaturg, midwife. the questions repeat themselves: "It may be what is perhaps most clearly seen in its use as a noun: the word “contemporary” implies a relation; one is a contemporary of another. The word “contemporary” is traceable to the Medieval Latin word, “contemporarius,”… Continue reading entering somewhere else