What else is possible? What is my worth as an artist?

At the “Independence” Within an “Industry" session at #ATF2015, I raised the point of currency. I wondered about how we could redefine currency in the way we work. I get it though: we do need to pay our rent and bills - of which exist in an economic world that we cannot avoid. And I… Continue reading What else is possible? What is my worth as an artist?

Transparency Collective: #playdate with @eugeneochia; testing

transparencycollective: i went on a play date with @eugeneochia today. in a crowded underpass and on a busy street at almost peak hour, i tried the following two tasks: 1. stand in a crowded place with your eyes closed for a length of time 2. catch up with someone walking ahead of you, and walk… Continue reading Transparency Collective: #playdate with @eugeneochia; testing

Transparency Collective: #takingshape @transcoll

transparencycollective: the work is taking shape. without quite planning to, my interest in allan kaprow’s later works is finding its way into this research: the idea, a suggestion, a task, an activity - the participant performing. it is also my physical distance. what does it mean to research a common subject with the… Transparency Collective:… Continue reading Transparency Collective: #takingshape @transcoll

transparencycollective: i’m not looking for candid camera laughs, but social experiments of these kinds have indeed been done before, and in many ways. make a few searches on youtube and many high school or college students have attempted projects on the invasion of personal space as part of their psychology or sociology module assignments.  the… Continue reading

Transparency Collective: Critical Boundary

transparencycollective: “…the study of [humanity]’s transactions as he perceives and uses intimate, personal, social, and public space in various settings while following out of awareness dictates of cultural paradigms.” the stimulus for our upcoming project as part of the metro arts galleries program, linked here. Transparency Collective: Critical Boundary