Experience to Thought to Word to Deed

While the post #ATF2015 reflections find their way into words and onto screen, re-reading Malcolm Whittaker's article on Time_Place_Space: Nomad (TPSnomad) is a good one to sit with. The writing that will follow, you should know, has been brewing for a long while now. TPSnomad gave me new influences, like Graham the farmer; and new… Continue reading Experience to Thought to Word to Deed

The Artist as Entrepreneur

At the end of my recent participation in travelling residency, Time_Place_Space: Nomad, the key reflections I came home with centred around: How do we artists think about our financial situations, as well as the cultural narratives around our financial situations? Why do we subscribe to, and perpetuate the “struggling artist” narrative? Why do we cringe… Continue reading The Artist as Entrepreneur

time-place-space: Natures Rhythms : Solar Powered Workshop Through the overlaying and superimposition of various elements, a surprising number of unique and unexpected events can occur. This form of Amorphous Computation, where multiple, unstable, randomly placed but identically designed “cells” react to their environment (and the data/map is logged), is important if we are to understand and… Continue reading

time-place-space: Here are the results from a midnight photo shoot in the middle of a dance party on the last night of Time_Place_Space: NOMAD (recognize the exhibition hall at the Narrandera fairgrounds?).  The working title for this experimental installation (performed at 9am October 11th) is “bird fish canoe” and resulted from a collaboration between Jade… Continue reading

time-place-space: how we do what we do In Narrandera, we visited local farmer, Graham and were given a tour of his farm, an introduction to his practices, and an insight into a way of thinking that in my opinion, is extremely commonsensical, far-sighted, and exciting, and ironically not embraced enough. Despite… Perhaps the bulk of… Continue reading

time-place-space: The found food dinner  by Tessa Zettel enabled the TPS artists to gather, forage, bargain and trade with the locals. Latai Taumoepeau and Bhenji Ra danced for bread in the bakery and Lee Wilson and Michael Petchkovsky gathered Kangaroo from the roadside for a slow cooked stew with native ground up peppercorns.  Diego Bonetto… Continue reading