Saltwater at Theatre Works in July

For the official record; Theatre Works 2015 Season is launched, and Saltwater will be premiering in July! Very excited, and also very humbled and proud to be programmed alongside some really incredible makers.


来,吃饭 (Come, eat)

day seven: heritageis your grandmother giving you all her jade pieces, so she can buy one that’s greener than the one she’s got; is sharing recipes with no details – agar-agar* can already; is hearing about her childhood stories for the 57th time and it still amazes you; is one day inheriting her collection of… Continue reading 来,吃饭 (Come, eat)

Dan Koop: Interview with Deakin’s Arts Participation Incubator

artsparticipationincubator: image by Sarah Walker Dan Koop Artist ( Producer, ENCOUNTER(S) presented by Theatre Works, St Kilda ( 1.What started your interest in arts participation? I am an Artist,… Dan Koop: Interview with Deakin's Arts Participation Incubator

a blog post i couldn’t really write

a little more than a week has passed since i arrived in singapore for the singapore<>brisbane exchange. at the end of the first week, i found myself feeling angry, irritable, and frustrated. i knew i was getting swept back in to this city, and its quirks - the quirks that have had its effects so… Continue reading a blog post i couldn’t really write

SingaporeBrisbane Exchange

Not long now. On Sunday, I arrive in Singapore. This time, as a visiting artist on a project. It’s a big step, I must admit. That I got selected through !Metro Arts in Brisbane. That since Melbourne in 2010, my practice has formulated and changed, and is something that never quite existed in Singapore for me… Continue reading SingaporeBrisbane Exchange

DELIVERANCE: Sweet dreams from my dream bed at ZK/U

I am so excited and proud of these guys. deliverance-art: It’s almost tomorrow. In my head I can plan only until the first moment. I see the three of us, naked and quivering with excitement and fear and anticipation, and we are walking through Kursthalle, past people (in my head there are only maybe ten… Continue reading DELIVERANCE: Sweet dreams from my dream bed at ZK/U

work; career; occupation; job; labour; vocation

are but one and the same, and not at all. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this discouraged, or demoralised. I’ve been having trouble finding a day job, quite simply to pay the rent. I’m happy to put in a couple of days a week, even more if I’m not working on any creative projects.… Continue reading work; career; occupation; job; labour; vocation