Reflections post Saltwater at AusAsia

  Image from Walking Borders, courtesy of Scotia Monkivitch “I would also like to remember that while we gather here today to share in a meal over a migrant’s story, another group of people are gathering in front of Lady Cilento Hospital in solidarity with asylum seekers. I carry a red passport from the country… Continue reading Reflections post Saltwater at AusAsia

What else is possible? What is my worth as an artist?

At the “Independence” Within an “Industry" session at #ATF2015, I raised the point of currency. I wondered about how we could redefine currency in the way we work. I get it though: we do need to pay our rent and bills - of which exist in an economic world that we cannot avoid. And I… Continue reading What else is possible? What is my worth as an artist?

ATF 2015; what’s beyond? Scrap that. Theatre, period; what’s beyond?

I am not planning to write about my first Australian Theatre Forum experience. Nor will I summarise what went on. There are a great few articles and blog entries from Alison Croggon, Humphrey Bower, Eloise Maree, and of course the wonderful twitter stream that is #ATF2015. These thoughts that I am now putting into words… Continue reading ATF 2015; what’s beyond? Scrap that. Theatre, period; what’s beyond?

coming back to the centre

time-place-space: coming back to the centre. It’s five more days to the end of Time_Place_Space: Nomad, and only now do I find the headspace to put the thoughts down in writing. The thoughts are many. Bec Dean is diarising the events as best as she can - but time is a strange one when you’re… Continue reading coming back to the centre

RealTime Arts – Magazine – issue 116 – Celebrating the body: plasticity & mutation

"My journey at exist-ence ended rather fortuitously with an engaging young animateur, Jamie Lewis, whose piece, untitled, involved a bbq chat filmed while she made us sambal and egg sandwiches on glowing white bread, a sneaky Singaporean comfort food that brokered conversations about place, identity and chili. I wondered about the recording though, sensing a… Continue reading RealTime Arts – Magazine – issue 116 – Celebrating the body: plasticity & mutation

来,吃饭 (Come, eat)

day seven: heritageis your grandmother giving you all her jade pieces, so she can buy one that’s greener than the one she’s got; is sharing recipes with no details – agar-agar* can already; is hearing about her childhood stories for the 57th time and it still amazes you; is one day inheriting her collection of… Continue reading 来,吃饭 (Come, eat)

Dan Koop: Interview with Deakin’s Arts Participation Incubator

artsparticipationincubator: image by Sarah Walker Dan Koop Artist ( Producer, ENCOUNTER(S) presented by Theatre Works, St Kilda ( 1.What started your interest in arts participation? I am an Artist,… Dan Koop: Interview with Deakin's Arts Participation Incubator