What else is possible? What is my worth as an artist?

At the “Independence” Within an “Industry" session at #ATF2015, I raised the point of currency. I wondered about how we could redefine currency in the way we work. I get it though: we do need to pay our rent and bills - of which exist in an economic world that we cannot avoid. And I… Continue reading What else is possible? What is my worth as an artist?

ATF 2015; what’s beyond? Scrap that. Theatre, period; what’s beyond?

I am not planning to write about my first Australian Theatre Forum experience. Nor will I summarise what went on. There are a great few articles and blog entries from Alison Croggon, Humphrey Bower, Eloise Maree, and of course the wonderful twitter stream that is #ATF2015. These thoughts that I am now putting into words… Continue reading ATF 2015; what’s beyond? Scrap that. Theatre, period; what’s beyond?

time-place-space: how we do what we do In Narrandera, we visited local farmer, Graham and were given a tour of his farm, an introduction to his practices, and an insight into a way of thinking that in my opinion, is extremely commonsensical, far-sighted, and exciting, and ironically not embraced enough. Despite… Perhaps the bulk of… Continue reading

Saltwater / 11 days in at Metro Arts We had eight audience members in yesterday, and I had a great lot of feedback from them. But here’s a sharing of the things I have learnt over the two runs so far: 1. Transitions! In this sketch, I played with various distances/dimensions of my performing -… Continue reading

The old, the new, & everything in between.

A one-year stint as Audience Development Manager at Metro Arts has now officially ended. In 2013, I’ve project-managed the launch of a new website for the organisation, and have learnt a great deal of the workings of such a complex establishment that is the Old Broad. More so, I’ve come away with a better-balanced perspective… Continue reading The old, the new, & everything in between.

work; career; occupation; job; labour; vocation

are but one and the same, and not at all. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this discouraged, or demoralised. I’ve been having trouble finding a day job, quite simply to pay the rent. I’m happy to put in a couple of days a week, even more if I’m not working on any creative projects.… Continue reading work; career; occupation; job; labour; vocation