Saltwater / 11 days in at Metro Arts We had eight audience members in yesterday, and I had a great lot of feedback from them. But here’s a sharing of the things I have learnt over the two runs so far: 1. Transitions! In this sketch, I played with various distances/dimensions of my performing -… Continue reading

Saltwater / 9 days in at Metro Arts Today, we did a trial audience run with 6 audience members. It was by no means a run of the actual work. It was a run of what the work could be. A sketch of some experiments of how to move an audience of more than one… Continue reading

Saltwater / 3 days in at Metro Arts Residencies are a real privilege and a treasure. They are an alternate world where your headspace is allowed to be fully dedicated to what you are working on. They are also a space where you are allowed to, and should, scrutinise your work, process, and practice. You… Continue reading

Finding a Process "Art resides in the quality of doing; process is not magic." - Charles Eames In the lead up towards the Shortfuse Residency at Metro Arts for Saltwater, I have decided to invest in my own time - full-time - towards a generative and writing process. I’ve often wondered - musicians have instruments… Continue reading


In the last three years, my practice has been focused on this, intimate one-on-one site-specific conversation-based autobiographical performances, primarily driven by the concept of audience as co-creators, investigating the thresholds of audience engagement. Yes, what a mouthful. And I don’t usually say all that in one unbroken sentence. The conversations usually go something like this:… Continue reading Rigour

The Last Song Syndrome

A little bit of what happened On Saturday, I attended a symposium as part of the Festival of Live Art titled ‘Art & Encounter 2014 - Beyond Audience Development: why do artists engage publics in participation?’ [A symposium brief was written in the lead up and it can be found here.] The symposium opened with… Continue reading The Last Song Syndrome

The old, the new, & everything in between.

A one-year stint as Audience Development Manager at Metro Arts has now officially ended. In 2013, I’ve project-managed the launch of a new website for the organisation, and have learnt a great deal of the workings of such a complex establishment that is the Old Broad. More so, I’ve come away with a better-balanced perspective… Continue reading The old, the new, & everything in between.