put an anchor out

Every time I come back to write after a period of quiet on this site, I meditate again on the ebb and flow of output. The act of reflecting and reflection is never the same. My Northern Territory encounter was so rich and so full, I had so much I wanted to express - I… Continue reading put an anchor out


过客 part II

It is balmy in Darwin, but cool. Hot in the sun in the day, but the evenings are just the way I like them. It’s festival time here, and together with the touristy vibe of town centre where we are staying, you almost forget that you are still in the Northern Territory. You almost forget… Continue reading 过客 part II

Reflections post Saltwater at AusAsia

  Image from Walking Borders, courtesy of Scotia Monkivitch “I would also like to remember that while we gather here today to share in a meal over a migrant’s story, another group of people are gathering in front of Lady Cilento Hospital in solidarity with asylum seekers. I carry a red passport from the country… Continue reading Reflections post Saltwater at AusAsia

He said, she said…

One thing that has surfaced in the conversations so far that has left me pleasantly curious is our perception of time. "I think that 5 years is a really long time in this world..." "5 years doesn’t seem that far away…" In context, the question I actually do ask is: Do you think that in… Continue reading He said, she said…

In residence / leaving things behind

Some months ago, an Uber driver told me about the greenhouse he was building in his backyard so he could grow bananas here in Melbourne. It wasn’t the bananas he was after, no, not exactly. It was the banana leaves. Having moved here from Chennai with his wife, they have a young child. He works… Continue reading In residence / leaving things behind

talking about the funk

I have been terribly quiet on this space. And when I visit this site, I often find myself feeling bad at my lack of discipline. I definitely need to work on being more disciplined, that is for sure. It's not that I don't have the thoughts though. There is a lot of reflection happening, critical… Continue reading talking about the funk