The Little Old Cooking Club That Could: Participant Guide

Lunch and Listening

Your tingkat has arrived
So you’ve met Papa Lewis. Isn’t he just great? I hope you passed on my message that I’ve missed him so!

Set your table
You might want to serve yourself a portion on to a plate or bowl of your choice. Have you got the right cutlery?

Capture this moment
What do you smell? What colours do you see? What textures are there? Snap a picture of your lunch plate if you like.

Get listening!
Don’t forget to plug your headphones or earphones in. Check your volume.
I recommend listening to it once through as you finish your meal.
Though you are welcome to revisit the audio again at a later time.

Enjoy your meal!

Online Reflections

So you’ve finished your meal
How was that? Not feeling too full I hope! As you put your dishes away and tidy up, try to recall the events of today so far. What were some of your expectations before Papa Lewis arrived? What are some your thoughts and feelings right now?

Reflection Questions
Here are some questions to help you digest what you have just experienced. Take these questions and timeframes as a guide. Feel free to share as much and as often as you like. Record your reflections in the voicemail widget below.

One hour later
Recall the flavours in the meal you have just had. What did you enjoy about it? What surprised you most when you opened the tiffin box? On the first mouthful, what came into your mind? What emotions did you feel? What is your impression of the person who cooked this meal?

One day later
What about yesterday’s meal do you remember? What was familiar about the stories for you? Is there something you haven’t eaten in a while, and really want to have now? What do you crave most when you are unwell or upset? What does it feel like to be cooked for by someone you’ve never met?

Three days later
What was the first thing you learnt to cook? Who was there to guide you? What do you enjoy most about cooking? Where did you go to shop for the ingredients? What did you enjoy about the shopping trip? What does it feel like cooking for someone you have never met? What would you like to ask them?

Five days later
Who do you like having at the table with you? What do you like about eating together with them? Is there someone’s cooking you most enjoy? When was the last time you had a meal with them? What was on the menu? When you eat out, where do you like to go? How has that place changed in the last few years?

Record your reflections

Some other questions to consider
Have a listen to the other participants’ reflections as they come in. Is there something another participant has shared that resonates with you? When was the last time you ate something for the first time? How do you feel about the future? Will the things we like to eat still be easily available? What might change about what and how we eat?

Share your photos and videos
If you have captured moments that you’d like to share on our instagram account, you can send your files through this link:

Find us on instagram: @tlocctc

Lunch Prep

Deciding your menu
Recall the stories we have shared so far. Remember how you felt when you sat down to your meal? How would you like this person you’re cooking for to feel eating what you are going to prepare for them?

Your shopping list
Get organised. Make a plan. What do you need? Where are you going to shop? Is that your regular grocery store? Have you thought about where these groceries come from and how far they have travelled?

Get cooking
This is it! Have you gone over your recipe or your steps? They say the secret to a good meal is in cooking it with thought, care and love. Watch those fingers, and have a great time in the kitchen!

The Community Storytellers you have been listening to are:
Alexis Phua (SG), Izzan (SG), Jojo Honey Randall (AU), Mary-Lou Howie (AU), Michal Lewis (SG), Padma Krishnan (SG)

The Little Old Cooking Club That Could team members are:
Jamie Lewis – Artist, Woo Hsia Ling (Producer), Ng Sze Min (Sound Artist), Alex Walker / House of Muchness (Consultant), Keira Lee (Producer’s Assistant), Michael Lewis (Host)

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

The Little Old Cooking Club That Could is presented as part of Drama Box’s SCENES 2020. SCENES 2020 is held between 7-13 September. To find out more about the festival or to share this work with your family and friends, visit: