Problematising the One-on-one Part I

At EL TARRO I was able to trial a first draft of the Backgammon piece. The context of this season of EL TARRO was rather different though.   They collaborated with the Samba Cine Club and organised a bigger event at thousandpoundbend in the city. The vibe was great, the event successful, especially since enough… Continue reading Problematising the One-on-one Part I

meritocracy not quite a game of chance and strategy

This is how the idea came about:   I learnt to play Backgammon only about 7 months ago now. I looked into the tactics behind the game. I played it over and over on my iPhone, tried to strategise my playing against the computer and got better at it. Or at least I have begun… Continue reading meritocracy not quite a game of chance and strategy