When it rains, it pours

Last week, I had to say no to a gig because there was simply too much on. In this period of existing and new work being plotted and made, applications being drafted and submitted, weekly practice, day job hours, interstate travel, and good old life admin, it took me a while to weigh it all up. I finally recognised that I needed to take my own advice:

Pace yourself, Jamie.

And then things on the home front take a turn. And you put one foot in front of the other, breathe, and remind yourself once again:

Pace yourself, Jamie.

And then there are dark days. And there are good days. And then there are four seasons in one day*.

This is the reality of many of us in the arts. And we go in circles talking about wellbeing and self-care in terms of individual actions, which are important yes, but some things that are about fostering better relationships – some things that do pay include:

  • Building deep relationships before going into a deep collaboration with that person. Here’s to DK and Britt for being top guns right now.
  • Saying yes only to the projects that have the potential to nourish you. (Most ideas have the definite potential to excite you, but not all will feed you well.)
  • Working with good bosses and colleagues. (And yes, for some of us, we are lucky to find ourselves with this option. I acknowledge that not many do.)
  • Being honest and upfront with your capacity – be it for work, your emotional needs, how exhausted you might actually be; conversely, if you’re up for more, then ask/state and go for it.

There must be more. What are some others that work for you?


*as in the Crowded House song

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