Jamie Lewis: work; career; occupation; job; labour; vocation



are but one and the same, and not at all.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this discouraged, or demoralised. I’ve been having trouble finding a day job, quite simply to pay the rent. I’m happy to put in a couple of days a week, even more if I’m not working on any creative projects. Yes, I’d like time…


I left a cushy day job (that’s when we met) to venture on and hone my craft. And now the dough’s running low and I am desperate for another day job just to get by.. and it has been 3 months and counting. I think it’s not just the cash that your day job is helping you secure, for me, it’s the expectation from the folks and the people around you that matters, too.

While I am enjoying the creative work, I found myself worrying so much about the money that I forgot to enjoy myself.

Wish I had great advices to give, but I don’t. But perhaps, by letting you know that you’re not alone would make you feel a little bit more encouraged.

Everyday I am fighting to make things work. And I am still at it. Here’s a shout out to you – hope you’ll hang in there too and that things will start looking up for us soon. (:


Jamie Lewis: work; career; occupation; job; labour; vocation

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