A truly international breed of people has arisen in the 1990s, people who adopt an imaginative, eclectic and non-hierarchical view of culture. This transcultural order[!] will lead a nomadic lifestyle and will draw its energy from a permanent and intensive exchange of speed, of place, and of social surrounding. Local human contact as well as the telephone, fax, and email will dispel any feeling of isolation. These hyper-travellers do not strive for possessions or permanent jobs in any social or professional environment. In order to avoid the confines of pigeonholing, this circle of people openly live out their multiple characters, much as schizophrenics find relief in wearing various costumes and acting differently. As creative ‘free agents’ they will select their own forms of expression according to the circumstances surrounding them, nimbly reacting to the various challenges by changing their medium, their style, and their attitude.

Fumio Nanjo; excerpt taken from “The Curator as Operating System” by Wolfgang Kemp, found in 1206 Kunst magazine I picked up from Takashi Murakami’s gallery in Berlin.

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