daily discourse at TINA

forgive my absence. and my lack of creative writing or any sort.

in the whirlwind of the last 2 months plus since the show at dear patti smith,i’ve gone up to South Golden Beach round Byron Bay, got engaged, gone back to singapore, worked at a cafe, planned a wedding long distance, got a grant, had my travel visa to australia actually denied, lost a grant, changed my wedding plans, started working on a partner visa application, caught up with friends and family at the same time…

am getting married in a week and 2 days as we speak.

and since having the travel visa denied, i will not be making it to CRACK at TINA.

my brains are, though, ticking away at ways to still making my presence felt. and i am getting there (in thought that is).

the current VCA postgrad animateurs however, are actually getting there, along with the rest of Transparency Collective, but help fund them please 🙂

daily discourse at TINA

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